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Since 2007 we are on a climate friendly shipping mission

Fairtransport is the world's first modern emission free shipping company, based in the Netherlands. The schooner Tres Hombres has been sailing since December of 2009 and shipped cargo across the Atlantic by the power of the wind only. 

It is our prime intention to sail cargo emission free, with a focus on transporting special products which are organic, or crafted traditionally. In addition, to raise awareness about the huge amounts of pollution created by the modern shipping industry and affect positive change in the way goods are shipped around the world.


It has become apparent that our ideas “our passion“ have turned into an expertise unmatched anywhere else in the world. Our merchant sailing company plays a very important role in the development of sustainable transportation. The knowledge gained in these past years through experience has culminated into an invaluable database of expertise. The Tres Hombres has been a shining example of the existing possibilities for sustainable shipping, and future of sail cargo.

As climate change has become an undeniable fact, we are a fully versatile, carbon-conscious company. We believe in sustainable business; together, we can change!


If you have questions about our project please contact Chris Veltman, General manager Fairtransport

phone: 0223-683516




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25 december 2022
Tres Hombres - Fairtransport
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